Terror Emacs

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A simple Emacs setup for the terror of academic life

Terror Emacs is a simple and functional configuration of GNU Emacs aimed at academic use, mainly for the creation of technical articles, presentations, notes, literary programming and reproducibility. It allows working with multiple formats (TeX, org, markdown) and exporting to many others (odt, pdf, html, epub and probably any format useful to humans if you use the power of pandoc.)

Terror Emacs is not intended as a feature-rich distribution, but as a simple working environment for plain text. However, it can be the basis for more complex configurations if you have a little bit of Emacs Lisp skills.

Some features

For full-featured Emacs distributions, it is highly recommended to check this projects:

Many ideas have been taken from System Crafters' EFS:

Emacs 27.1 (Org mode 9.3)